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For Parents/Grandparents

Are your child's grades suffering? Room messy? Maybe you and your child are missing the one key ingredient described in chapter 12. Maybe, just maybe, that one ingredient will turn the whole thing around. Tired of those confrontations that end up in pouting or heated arguments? Check out chapter 8 for the best way to confront nonperformance. And if you're a grandparent? Well, that's even better! Now you can step back and get a fresh perspective on how to help your grandchild grow into a happy and successful adult.

"If you're connected with youth sports in any way, this book is a must read!"

Fred C. Engh
President & CEO
National Alliance for Youth Sports
West Palm Beach, FL

"This book is essential reading for every educator - from superintendents to parents! The three keys create an environment that helps each child achieve."

Ashley Smith, Jr.
Cleveland Middle School
Cleveland, TN
Tennessee Middle School Principal of the Year

"If you guide kids in any fashion - as a parent, coach, teacher, or mentor - read the book and put the three keys into practice. They're practical and they work."

Greta Williams
Executive Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters, A Community of Caring
Kalamazoo, Michigan

"From teachers to camp counselors, corporate trainers to hourly workers, Bringing Out the Best In Others! is a must read. All kids can achieve given the right balance of the three keys."

Susan L. Gutierrez
Forest Hills Central Middle School
Grand Rapids, MI
Michigan Teacher of the Year

"It's amazing how this book brings concepts relating to business, parenting, and teaching all together in one media that will help me be better at work, at home, and in life!"

Leslie Beers
Human Capital Associates, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO

"If you teach, tutor, or train kids in any capacity, read this book. As a private percussion teacher, I found significant improvements in my students' performance after using the three factors for only a few weeks."

Brian Harris
Tucson, AZ

"If you're committed to kids in any way -- as a parent, grandparent, coach, teacher, or mentor -- you need to read this book and practice the three keys."

Jack Canfield
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

"A must read for principals, teachers, and parents. Practicing the three keys brings about measurable results in just a short time. An invaluable tool!"

Mark A. Kern
New Palestine Elementary
New Palestine, IN
Indiana Elementary Principal of the Year

"Our work with at-risk families focuses on teen moms, education, and youth. The three keys are a blueprint for building strong and healthy families."

Hope Kramer
President and CEO
Beta Center
Orlando, FL

"It gives valuable tools for teacher in-service as well as parent groups. As a parent, there are ideas for enhanced communication between my children and me."

Avis Cotton
Dardanelle Middle School
Dardanelle, AR
Arkansas Middle School Principal of the Year