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Dr. Thomas K. Connellan
Dr. Thomas K. Connellan

Tom Connellan is called when companies like Marriott, Dell, and GE want to take their performance to another level. And with good reason. Whether it’s an hour-long keynote or a day-long interactive session, Tom’s unique set of experiences will make his appearance a meeting highlight.

Depth and Breadth
Dr. Connellan is a former member of The Michigan Business School faculty, and brings depth of knowledge and breadth of experience to your meeting. As a company founder and former CEO, he knows first-hand the importance of what it takes to grow a business.

Tom started a service company in the health care field and built it into a network of 1200 instructors servicing 300 hospitals and most of the Fortune 500 firms. Two different Surgeon General reports cite the firm’s program quality. He’s worked in manufacturing and sales. Tom knows what it’s like to be on the firing line of business and audiences connect with this practical experience.

Solid Credentials
The author of seven books and numerous articles, and has been quoted in leading publications such as U.S. News and World Report and The New York Times. A Guest Lecturer at The University of Michigan, he’s been the Editorial Director of four management and personnel magazines, a first level supervisor, and a company president. The American Management Association identified him as "one of the leading organizational development thinkers of our times."

Tailored Presentation
Tom carefully reviews background information and spends time on the phone with you to make sure he completely understands your needs. Then he tailors a presentation to your organization, your needs, and your meeting theme. You’re guaranteed a good fit.

Credibility and Rapport
His fast-paced, entertaining, and informative presentations keep people interested from start to finish. Tom’s captivating style has motivated people in well over 1500 presentations, hundreds of them repeat performances. Each participant has the sense that Tom is speaking directly to him or her. A frequent comment is "He was right on target. I felt like he had been following me around every day for the last month."

Practical Content
Through examples, anecdotes, humor, and lots of "how-to’s," Tom gives each participant practical take-home value. Everyone walks away with no less than one "immediate impact" idea they can instantly put to work.