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For Nonprofits

Much of what you do is help others realize their full potential. You play a critical role in today's society. Whatever your nonprofit role, you'll find that the three keys will help you accomplish your mission. You'll see specific steps you can take right away to boost the performance of your staff and volunteers.

"If you guide kids in any fashion - as a parent, coach, teacher, or mentor - read the book and put the three keys into practice. They're practical and they work."

Greta Williams
Executive Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters, A Community of Caring
Kalamazoo, Michigan

"Deceptively powerful. A straightforward and practical way to foster and develop peak performance in others. Read the book and put the three keys to work today."

Jan Mulcrone
Director, Human Resource Services
University of Michigan Health System

"If you're committed to kids in any way -- as a parent, grandparent, coach, teacher, or mentor -- you need to read this book and practice the three keys."

Jack Canfield
Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Our work with at-risk families focuses on teen moms, education, and youth. The three keys are a blueprint for building strong and healthy families."

Hope Kramer
President and CEO
Beta Center
Orlando, FL

"The three keys in Bringing Out the Best in Others! are invaluable to our staff and volunteers in breaking the cycle of poverty as they nourish and educate the child."

Carol Doe Porter, R.N
Co-Founder & CEO, Kid-Care, Inc.
Houston, TX

"At last, a book which provides educational, business, industrial, and public service leaders with a toolkit to promote peak performance."

James A Ratledge
Montvale Elementary School
Maryville, TN
Tennessee Elementary Principal of the Year