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Dear Reader:

Ever wonder why some people outperform others? Why one sales rep outperforms another? Or one student does well and another doesn't?

While some of the difference can obviously be attributed to innate skill or physical ability, that's only part of the answer. If you knew the rest of the answer, you could help those who lag and boost those who are already good. Here's how I found the rest of the answer.

I discovered - almost by accident! - three powerful factors that boost performance to a new level and then keep it there. While researching high performers, I uncovered some amazing facts:

  • Two-thirds of all entrepreneurs are firstborn.
  • Twenty-one of the twenty-three first astronauts were firstborn.
  • Of the female world leaders between 1960 and 1999, 45 percent were firstborn.
  • A ten-year study of 1,500 superior Wisconsin ninth-graders showed that 49 percent of them were firstborn.
  • According to an 1874 study in England, firstborns were overrepresented among fellows of the Royal Society, England's distinguished scientific academy.
  • Even psychologists studying other psychologists found similar results: more than half the people elected president of the American Psychological Association were firstborns!

And yet only about one-third of the population is firstborn. So I asked myself, "What is it that firstborns get that laterborns usually don't?"

I found three environmental factors that make the difference. These three factors are the keys to unlocking peak performance in the people you live and work with. They've been proven to work, time after time.

If you are in a leadership position - executive, teacher, parent, coach, music teacher - the most important thing about the three keys is that they are environmental in nature. They are not something intrinsic to the individual. This means that - given the proper skill set - you can use the three keys to create an environment that consistently brings out the best in employees, students, children, or team members.

Using the three keys, business leaders have improved sales and increased productivity, parents have boosted grade point averages, and educators have improved the performance of entire classes - as well as that of individual students who needed an extra boost. Music teachers have jump-started their students' efforts. Coaches of youth sports have shortened learning curves, boosted performance, and improved teamwork - without the stress that often accompanies those efforts.

Bringing out the Best in Others! shows you how to put these three keys to work in a manner that consistently produces permanent improvement of 10 to 20 percent. Sometimes the improvement is dramatically greater, even 100 percent, but 10 to 20 percent is pretty consistent. You now have the opportunity to boost the performance of those around you using proven tools.

I'm confident that you'll find this a powerful tool you can use every day. If for any reason you're unhappy with your purchase, just send the books back to me with your purchase receipt, and we'll immediately refund your entire purchase price.


If you're a coach, educator, parent, or business leader, and you want to boost the performance of those around you, you need to read this book today. Order it now!